Calla Glass Designs

About the Artist

Mary Hammond is the owner and creator of Calla Glass Designs. She designs beautiful, artistic glass work in all shapes, sizes and mediums.  Mary offers everything from holiday ornaments to windchimes, cheese boards to vases and everything in between.  Mary firmly believes that art brightens everyone’s life and she works hard to ensure her prices are affordable.
Her love of designs and colors have been with her since childhood, growing up in Ireland.  You will see the colors of the lush Irish countryside mirrored in many of her pieces.  The name Calla Glass Designs pays homage to her maternal grandparent’s home in western Ireland.
Moving to the desert from Ireland provided quite a contrast, and Mary soon fell in love with the beauty of the southwest.  She affectionately calls her backyard “Mary’s Zoo” and is visited regularly by a wide variety of desert wildlife.  You can see many of them portrayed in her glass art.
When Mary first explored kiln work, she felt an immediate affinity for it, and her creativity blossomed.  Calla Glass Designs specializes in unique glass designs incorporating southwest flair and Mary’s celtic heritage.


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