Calla Glass Designs

Failte suncatcher

Meaning “welcome” in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, hang this proudly for all who visit you to see. A one-of-a-kind gift, it is sure to be a conversation starter!


• Each piece starts with a 4” x 8” base piece of clear glass.
• We create our designs using various sizes of vibrantly colored glass
• Our designs are then fused in a kiln up to 1460 degrees, depending on the finish we want to achieve. Some pieces may require multiple firings.
• We choose a variety of beads, which accentuate the colors in the design, and string them on wire. To finish the piece, a hole(s) is drilled and the beads are added.
• Please note that all of our pieces are handmade and no two pieces will be exactly alike. Each piece will have slight design and color variations from the picture.
• The pictures are meant to be representative of what you will receive and not the actual item you may receive.
• The colors will not fade. We do not use any paint in our creations.
• The measurements of a vertical finished piece will be approximately 4” wide and 10” from top to bottom. If you choose to add a charm then the length will increase to approximately 13 ½”.
• If you chose a horizontal piece, the length from top to bottom will be approximately 5” – 6”.
• Our beautiful suncatchers will brighten any room. They can be hung in a window, on a mirror, in a cubicle or on a wall. They will definitely add decoration and character wherever they are placed.

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